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Zygocactus - White



Zygocactus also known as Schlumbergera or chain cactus, christmas cactus and crabs claw cactus are a wonderful hanging plant. They are similar to a rhipsalis only they have beautiful showy flowers in autumn time and sometimes you get a second or third wave of flowering in spring. 

These plants comre in a range of colours, here we only have 9 varieties on offer, from white, reds to various shades of pink to oranges. 

They can grow outside, but will need protection from frost, they will get sun stressed outside and have yellow to pink leaves. This does not mean the plant is unhealthy but it is adapted to the environment. 

Note The plant in the last picture is similar to what you will get, it will vary in size, shape and colour as they do not all grow uniformly. Plants come bare rooted as I have not had time to transplant them. some colours may look a bit different under different light conditions and growing conditions. some plants are in bud now and I want to get them out ASAP so you can enjoy their blooms. With this white, in warmer temperatures it could flower pale pink.


Zygocactus like to be on the moist side, being epiphytic they do not like to be sitting in a pool of water. 


These plants prefer to be in a bright area with no direct sun for best health, they will tolerate full sun, but the plant will go pink/yellow. They also do well in low light areas as well, making this plant very versatile.