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Vanilla Orchid


Green Vanilla Orchid or Vanilla planifolia as it is known scientifically is the vanilla that that we get vanilla beans from. This is an easy plant to grow provided you keep it somewhere warm with good light and a sturdy support for it to climb. 

This plant comes in a 18cm nursery pot and is about 60cm tall growing up a coir pole, there are at least two vines in each pot. 

Note: Plants in the pictures are very close to the plant you will receive. The pictures are only an indication of what your plant will look like as they will vary slightly in colour and size.


Water sparingly, I find keeping the media moist but not soggy is the key flood the pot with water when dry and allow the plant to drain so it is not sitting in a pool of water.


Bright indirect direct sun near a windowsill is ideal be careful not to have them exposed to direct sunlight as this will burn the leaves.