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Small Adenium Obesum


Commonly known as the desert rose, adenium are a rewarding plant to grow. They form a caudex that makes this plant look like a bonsai and they are easy to care for. they will bloom from spring to autumn and come in an array of colours and flower shapes. They will lose their leaves in the winter and new leaves will emerge in the spring.

These plants are at least three years old so they are mature enough to flower.

This plant comes in a 10cm nursery pot.

Note: Plants in the pictures are very close to the plant you will receive. The pictures are only an indication of what your plant will look like as they will vary slightly in colour and size. The plants with blooms are all same colour. They are all solid pink as shown in the example picture. Plants are either in bud or in full bloom. 


Water sparingly and only when the stem is soft the same applies in the winter, can have a little more frequent water if it is growing in full sun in the growing season.


Bright direct sun outside to bright sunny windowsill.