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Philodendron Red Empress


The first thing you notice about this plant are the gorgeous red green leaves. Philodendron Red Empress is a beautiful saw-toothed Philodendron. New leaves emerge reddish brown and gradually fade to a green. This beautiful gradient of colours in a single plant makes this houseplant a very unique addition to any indoor jungle!

This plant comes in a 14cm nursery pot. 

Note: Plants in the pictures are very close to the plant you will receive. The pictures are only an indication of what your plant will look like as they will vary slightly in colour and size. 


This plant originates from the rainforest, as such this plant likes to be misted to increase the surrounding humidity. A well draining growing medium is a must keep the soil moist but not soggy wet, allow soil to dry on the surface between watering.


This plant likes bright light, protect from direct sun as the leaves can burn easily on this plant.