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Lithops or living stone are an interesting and low maintenance houseplant. They come in a kaleidoscope of colours are are easy to care for provided you follow a few simple rules see below for some care tips.   

This plant comes in a 6cm nursery pot.

Note: Plants in the pictures is the plant you will receive. 


This plant comes from South Africa so it goes through long periods without water. The only time they get water is during the rainy season which is only a short window. They grow among rocks so this tells us they like drainage. They should only receive water in the growing season, from September to March, This is only a rough guide but doing the pinch test is a good indicator to see when you should water. Only give small amounts of water and do not allow plants to sit in water as they will rot. 


This plant is ideal in medium light area, being from Africa does not mean this plants like full sun. It can handle it but afternoon full sun should be avoided as this is too hot for the plants. This plant is ideal for a windowsill or well lit area.