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Grafted Gymnocalycium mihanovichii - Pink Wonder


These cute little cacti are commonly referred to as moon cactus, they are just like any other cactus only they are colourful. They come in a range of colours, from hot pinks, yellow to black and multicolour. 

This plant comes in a 8cm nursery pot. 

Note: The plant you are getting is the one you select in the picture. Pink Wonder is a cultivar found in New Zealand, it is a unique shade of pink which is rarely seen, in lower light it is a pale bubblegum pink, this plant is grown in slightly stronger light, so the pink is a bit stronger. 


Water this plant when the soil is dry, they like a well draining mix. Allowed to dry out between watering. Water only from September to March and only very sparingly in the winter.


Bright light on a sunny windowsill to full sun, avoid hot afternoon sun as this can scorch the plants and kill them.