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Cleistocactus Colademononis - Golden Monkey Tail Cactus


Commonly known as the golden monkey tail cactus, this plant gets its name from its resemblance to a bushy monkey tail. This plant is not to be confused with the golden rat tail cactus or the silver monkey tail cactus which has long silver spines (hairs) when it is mature. This plant is highly sought after and is rarely offered because it is super slow growing. The plants you are buying are still young and will not have the trademark long hairy spines until it is much older, but the spines on the plant you are getting are quite long. 

This plant comes in a 8cm nursery pot. 

Note: The plants you are getting is the one in the respective pictures.


Water this plant when the soil is dry, they like a well draining mix. Allowed to dry out between watering. Water only from September to March and only very sparingly in the winter.


Bright light on a sunny windowsill to full sun, avoid hot afternoon sun as this can scorch the plants and kill them.