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XXL Mister


Add a touch of luxury with this beautiful mister. Perfect for watering orchids and air-plants. Great for giving your plants a spritz to boost their humidity. Capacity: 2000ml Material: Plastic Dimensions: 

Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food


Introducing Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food: Nourishment for Your Green Oasis Transform your indoor garden into a thriving paradise with Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food, the ultimate solution for revitalizing and maintaining the health of your beloved plants. Specially formulated with the perfect balance of nutrients, this plant food is designed to unleash the full potential of your green companions,...

Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food and Neem Oil Bundle


Introducing the Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food and Neem Oil Bundle, the ultimate power duo for nurturing and protecting your indoor plants! Plant runner indoor plant food is specially formulated to provide your leafy companions with the vital nutrients they need to thrive and flourish. Packed with a balanced blend of essential macro and micronutrients, this premium formula promotes robust...